Life Stages

No matter what stage of life you are in, Elevate can help you plan for your future, gain control over your finances and achieve wealth which is aligned to what you want in life.

See your life stage below to see if Elevate Financial Planning can help you;

Later working years


You might fit in this category if:

  • You are over age 40.
  • You want to clear all of your debt and manage your cash flow effectively.
  • You want to save for your children’s university education or a new career endeavour.
  • You seek financial advice due to a change in circumstances.
  • You may have received an inheritance or other windfall and seek investment advice.
  • You want to improve your superannuation savings through tax-advantaged strategies.
  • You want an in-depth review of your financial situation and net worth projections.
  • You want to plan for the time of your financial independence or retirement.
  • You want to improve your tax planning and review your current investment structures.
  • You want to review your insurance and estate needs.
  • You want to evaluate an important financial decision.

How Elevate can help you:

Many ‘early working years’ strategies will also help ‘later working years’ clients plan, control, invest and achieve wealth. However, by now, you may also be thinking about how you can do all the things you want to do before retirement. You may also be thinking about how you can invest your surplus cash and structure your investments more effectively to reduce tax, maximise returns and manage risk.

Elevate can help you understand your options and stress test your current path. Elevate can help you model different scenarios and make more informed decision about the strategies available to you. We can look at ways to manage your tax, risk and improve your nest egg for retirement. You may also benefit from a review of your insurance cover, superannuation or estate design.