Life Stages

No matter what stage of life you are in, Elevate can help you plan for your future, gain control over your finances and achieve wealth which is aligned to what you want in life.

See your life stage below to see if Elevate Financial Planning can help you;



You might fit in this category if:

  • You are over age 50.
  • You are approaching retirement and want to formulate a pre-retirement strategy.
  • You want to plan the timing of your financial independence.
  • Your children have moved out of home and/or your financial circumstances have changed.
  • You are planning to sell your business or change your career.
  • You have cleared all your debt and want to understand your investment opportunities.
  • You want an in-depth analysis of your financial situation and net worth projections.
  • You may have received an inheritance or other windfall and seek investment advice.
  • You want to improve your tax planning and review your investment structures.
  • You want to improve your superannuation savings through tax-advantaged strategies.
  • You want to review your insurance needs and estate design.
  • You want to evaluate an important financial decision.

How Elevate can help you:

By now you might be thinking about transitioning to part time work, retirement, travelling more, taking more time off or you might just want the financial freedom to start that thing you always wanted to do but have put off until now. You might want to know how long your savings will last and want to explore strategies to protect your wealth and improve its longevity. You may be considering selling your business or other assets and you are not sure where and how to invest this money. You might want to review your assets and take advantage of any tax-optimisation strategies. You might also have a complex family tree and need help with estate design.

Elevate can help you with a range of retirement transition strategies, take advantage of eligible entitlements as well as to make your savings last. We can look at ways to manage your tax, cash flow, investment risk and improve your superannuation savings and nest egg for retirement. You may also benefit from a review of your insurance cover or estate design.