Life Stages

No matter what stage of life you are in, Elevate can help you plan for your future, gain control over your finances and achieve wealth which is aligned to what you want in life.

See your life stage below to see if Elevate Financial Planning can help you;

Retirement Living


You might fit in this category if:

  • You are over age 60.
  • You are retired or working part time.
  • You want to optimise your retirement income and make it last.
  • You want an in-depth analysis of your financial situation and net worth projections.
  • You seek help with understanding and applying for your Age Pension entitlements.
  • You are considering selling your home, business or other assets and want to understand your investment options.
  • You want to evaluate an important financial decision.
  • You want to improve your superannuation savings through tax-advantaged strategies.
  • You want to improve your tax planning and review your investment structures.
  • You or a family member needs help structuring their finances for Aged Care.
  • You want to review your insurance needs and estate design.

How Elevate can help you:

Once you are retirement living, you may want to implement strategies to optimise your retirement income and make your savings last. You may seek help dealing with superannuation providers, accountants and Centrelink. You may have a family member who needs help structuring their finances for Aged Care. You may be considering downsizing and where best to invest surplus cash. You may want to simplify your investments and/or consider how to best financially look after loved ones and grandchildren.

Elevate can help you implement strategies to make your savings last and maximise your entitlements. Elevate can help you communicate with external providers, manage your risk and look after your financial wellbeing. Elevate can help you understand your options and stress test your current path. Elevate can help you model different scenarios and make more informed decision about the strategies available to you. Elevate can help you with estate design, aged care planning and any other unique needs you may have.