Elevate Financial Planning Newsletters

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Prepare for Life: Autumn 2021

How much money do you waste?; What is ESG and how is it linked to ethical investing?; Eliminate financial stress from your life - forever.

Prepare for Life: Summer 2020

Why you need an emergency fund; 6 healthy habits to teach your kids for financial confidence; Do your teenagers understand the concept of money?

Quarterly Insight: Edition 3 2020

End of year update; Government update; Building a bridge to recovery; Four steps to a healthier relationship with technology; Even in the midst of a recession the Australian housing market continues along it's merry way; Getting retirement plans back on track; Managing COVID fatigue is crucial to our health and wellbeing during the pandemic.

Prepare for Life: Spring 2020

The super question - how much is enough?; Planning for retirement - 3 things to consider at each age; Dementia - a fact of life?

Quarterly Insight: Edition 2 2020

Mid-year update; Government update; Is now a good time to buy?; Benefits of a super long engagement; Super changes add flexibility; Maintaining your mental health through the pandemic.

Prepare for Life: Winter 2020

Do you have an emergency fund?; Life protection with COVID-19; Enduring Powers of Attorney - why do you need one?

Prepare for Life: Autumn 2020

Rules of retirement; Retirement - where does the money come from?; What if I run out of money.

Quarterly Insight: Edition 1 2020

Welcome to a new decade; Reviewing your super; The pyramid of financial success; Natural disasters and access to super; Insurance - are you self-insuring?; Dealing with debt; Learning to invest in yourself; The rewards of donations.

Prepare for Life: Summer 2019

Getting super sorted for a new year; Developing your investment strategy; Work and retirement, do they mix?; Retirement incomes - yet another review.

Prepare for Life: Spring 2019

Are you super aware?; The inter-generational wealth transfer windfall; Longevity - only a risk for some.

Quarterly Insight: Edition 3 2019

Time for your annual tune up? Checking in on your goals, finances and health; Home care verses residential care; Making the most of low interest rates; How much super is enough?; Smart ways to invest your tax return; How to avoid a scam.

Prepare for Life: Winter 2019

The eighth wonder of the world (compound interest); Buy now, pay later (Afterpay); Loans and encumbrances (a pension minefield); Insurance (protecting what you have).

Quarterly Insight: Edition 2 2019

Mid-year update; Making the most of the end of the financial year; Traits of successful people; The benefits of a long, happy relationship with your super; How much life insurance is enough?; Tackling financial stress; Managing the information overload.

Prepare for Life: Autumn 2019

Paying it forward (benefits of pre-paying your bills); Goals based risk (how to avoid behavioural risk when investing); Claiming an Age Pension.

Quarterly Insight: Edition 1 2019

New year, new start; Family finances; Using technology to keep your finances in great shape; Medium term goals; Investing and avoiding the ‘pack mentality’; Love and money; Money lessons for kids.