Elevate Financial Planning offers a range of services to provide you with the structure and support you need to successfully navigate through life’s financial journey.

Ongoing Services and Review


Once we have your unique plan in place, we can meet quarterly, half-yearly or yearly to review your progress and stay accountable to achieve your goals. This is also an opportunity to check if your circumstances have changed, to ask me any questions, for me to provide you with feedback and to assess if any changes are required. You may also choose to engage in a cash flow monitoring program and receive personalised monthly emails from me to track your progress towards achieving your goals, therefore keeping your goals front of mind so that you can stay focused on what’s really important. You can also call or email me anytime if you need assistance outside of scheduled meetings. I will help you with the continued implementation of your plan, discuss any relevant legislative changes that may affect your plan and help you communicate with external providers, as required.

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$2,800 – $7,700 (inclusive of GST)

(or more for clients with high service needs, complex management needs or large estates).

Fees are based on your needs, services and the value Elevate can add to your financial life. Elevate will provide you with a fixed fee proposal, explaining your services and how much they will cost after understanding your needs.